About us

Ontdek Hospitality presents the multifaceted world of working and learning in hospitality. On this platform, you will find tools to discover what it is, whether it suits you, what courses are available and where you can get started.

The hospitality industry offers numerous people the opportunity to develop. There are promising and challenging careers for every hospitality talent. With challenging content from the working field, we show that working in the sector is a real profession and that you can enjoy a lifetime of further learning and development. 

Hospitality Pact
The Hospitality Pact is launching the online platform ontdekhospitality.nl. Part of this is a large-scale digital campaign that aims to inform and inspire people to choose a job or education in the hospitality sector. In this way, the sector aims to promote inflow into hospitality education and the sector across the board. The ‘Ontdek Hospitality’ digital campaign is an extension of the ‘Be My Guest’ campaign introduced in 2023.

The Hospitality Pact aims to create cooperation between stakeholders regarding sustainable solutions for the labour market of today and tomorrow. Cooperation and innovation are necessary for a successful future of the industry. The hospitality industry is important to the Dutch economy and society, because in addition to generating income and employment, this industry promotes quality of life and well-being by contributing to social connection and cohesion. The platform and ‘Ontdek Hospitality’ campaign should contribute to presenting the industry as an attractive field of work. 

Initiators Hospitality Pact
The Hospitality Pact was drafted under the direction of the Taskforce Cooperation Hospitality Economy and is supported by the employers‘ organisations Koninklijke Horeca Nederland, ANVR, HISWA-RECRON, CLC-VECTA, Veneca, the MBO Raad and HBO, employees’ organisation FNV Horecabond, a collective of nationwide companies and supported by the ministries of Economic Affairs.

Initiators and partners ontdekhospitality.nl
HMSHost, Heineken, McDonald’s, Bidfood, KHN, De MBO-Raad, Bram Ladage, Postillion Hotels, FEBO, ISS, Stayokay, Albron, Stichting House of Hospitality, NH Hotels, WestCord Hotels, Vitam, Hilton Hotels, RB Horeca, Paresto Catering, Restaurant Company Europe, Coca-Cola, Spadel, La Trappe, Leo’s Catering, Bonduelle en Danone.